Pilates for Pregnancy

A strong core is essential during pregnancy.

Pilates for Pregnancy

Engaging in Pilates throughout pregnancy will strengthen your abdominal musculature and back muscles to support and elongate your spine as your baby grows. Pilates can ease the effects of labor and aid in quickly regaining your original figure.

Pilates works to develop balance, centering and control. During pregnancy, a woman’s posture changes dramatically in response to the growing baby. You may experience back pain, other minor aches and pains and overall discomfort. By engaging in the Pilates Method throughout pregnancy, you will maintain good posture which can alleviate all these symptoms, as well as prepare for childbirth.

Pilates aids in labor by training and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and gives you a greater body awareness to be able to focus on this area during childbirth.

Pilates during pregnancy is an ideal training program to relieve stress. By breathing properly, your overall body circulation increases for both you and the child you are carrying. Improved circulation will help prevent varicose veins and leg cramps, and will aid you during labor.

By following a Pilates exercise program throughout pregnancy, you will be able to regain your pre-pregnancy fitness level more easily. We recommend waiting at least 6 to 8 weeks after delivery to begin your Pilates program again. Your doctor will let you know the best time to reestablish your work-out routine.

Benefits of Pilates For Pregnancy

  • Develop core muscle strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Learn to breathe more effectively
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Adapts to meet the current stage of your pregnancy & your day-to-day energy levels
  • Regain pre-pregnancy fitness