Pilates Bodies Has Taken Pilates Vertical

Join the CoreAlign Movement!

Introducing CoreAlign!

Pilates Bodies has taken Pilates vertical…introducing our newest Pilates equipment…CoreAlign! We are excited to be metro Denver’s first Pilates studio to offer the newly released CoreAlign™ system from Balanced Body®. The CoreAlign™ is changing the way people think about exercise, movement and functioning in the modern world.

Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, P.T. in Tel Aviv, Israel, the CoreAlign system emphasizes an integrated, whole body exercise routine and is designed to improve balance and posture and restore healthy movement. The CoreAlign recreates the way we function in everyday life by incorporating core-controlled movement and deep stretching. The CoreAlign exercises can aerobically progress to be a challenging cardiovascular workout by combining stability and mobility training.

What is CoreAlign

CoreAlign is a new exercise system designed to recreate dynamic movement. It combines functional movement patterns, core support and strength training into a fun and challenging workout.

It’s unique design consists of a wall ladder and two carts on the base that move independently of one another on separate, parallel tracks. Flexible tubing is attached to the carts from different directions (front, back and side to side) to create light to heavy resistance or assistance, depending on the type of exercise.

Benefits of CoreAlign

Core Stabilization and Strengthening

Performance Enhancement

Improved Posture and Spinal Alignment

Balance and Coordination Training

Correct Dysfunctional Movement Patterns

Emphasizes Whole Body Movement

Why CoreAlign

Part cardio…Part mind-body…Part strength…Completely Unique!

CoreAlign challenges your body in a different way than other Pilates equipment or other exercise methodologies. The equipment helps to develop a strong body foundation and awareness, just like with the classical Pilates method, but the movement can aerobically progress. Our clients love it and are amazed at the results! You feel your body work and move in a completely new way…it mimics the way we move in sports like skiing, tennis, golfing, hiking and running.

Clients at all fitness levels feel the difference in posture and gait after just one session and are incorporating CoreAlign as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle. The CoreAlign System is beneficial for people at any level of athletic ability, rehabilitative and post rehabilitative clients and anyone looking for an integrated, whole body workout!

Our CoreAlign rates are the same as our private and class rates…call Pilates Bodies today at 303-394-6002 to set up your first session and experience the CoreAlign difference!