Benefits of Pilates

Health Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is an alternative method of personal strength training and conditioning that incorporates the whole body, rather than isolated muscles. By exercising muscle groups rather than individual muscles, the Pilates method enables you to tone and tighten, build strength and flexibility—without adding bulk. As your core strength increases, you will build longer, leaner muscles, improve postural alignment and develop better breathing and concentration techniques. Best of all, Pilates workouts are tailored to each client’s fitness level and needs.

What Else Can Pilates Do for You?

Build a stronger core- by strengthening the abdominal, gluteal, leg and back muscles essential to good posture and general fitness

Greatly improve flexibility and joint mobility

Reduce tension & stress and elevate mental clarity

Relieve and/or minimize back pain and improve circulatory and digestive functions

Enhance physical coordination and balance
Reinforce proper breathing techniques


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“Pilates Bodies has been an invigorating, rehabilitating, and life-relaxing oasis for me. At my age (70s!), movement and stretching are my friends, keeping me mobile and happy. Both of my hips have been replaced within the past 6 years, and Pilates Bodies has been my only rehab regimen. My physicians are impressed, and my husband and children applaud my vigor and I am satisfied. I highly recommend Pilates Bodies!”

“I came to Pilates Bodies over 2 years ago due to injuries from other sports. The core strength and flexibility I have gained from Pilates has been tremendous. It has improved my overall body image, posture, and how I perform in other strenuous activities. The instructors here are fabulous and really get to know you as a person to help you meet your goals and expectations.”

“I joined Pilates Bodies with chronic knee problems and not only have I gained more strength and flexibility in my knees, but in my entire body. Pilates has become a major tool for me in maintaining my physical well being.”