Strengthen, Stretch & Align

We at Pilates Bodies are committed to creating an environment that energizes and at the same time relaxes you, strengthens and stretches your body and empowers you to lead a healthy, self-fulfilling life.

About Us

Welcome To Pilates

Whether you’re new to the Pilates method, or you’re already familiar with its many life‑improving benefits, we invite you to join us at Pilates Bodies.

Our focus is on enhancing the quality of life for every client—through the proven physical and mental conditioning techniques developed by the visionary health and fitness pioneer, Joseph H. Pilates in the early 1900s.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is an alternative method of personal strength training and conditioning that incorporates the whole body, rather than isolated muscles. By exercising muscle groups rather than individual muscles, the Pilates method enables you to tone and tighten, build strength and flexibility—without adding bulk. As your core strength increases, you will build longer, leaner muscles, improve postural alignment and develop better breathing and concentration techniques. Best of all, Pilates workouts are tailored to each client’s fitness level and needs.

Live Virtual Mat Classes

Let’s meet virtually and continue our Pilates practice together! We are offering virtual online classes and privates through the Zoom platform with all our wonderful instructors!