Tammy Kinsman, Pilates Instructor


As a Florida native, Tammy earned a B.S. in Nutrition from Florida State University. She also studied movement sciences and earned her personal training certification through NSCA while cheering for their nationally ranked cheerleading team. Using her nutrition and personal training experience she headed to South Beach and worked at the Eden Roc Resort and Spa as a personal trainer for 3 years while attending massage therapy school. Working in the health and fitness industry, Tammy was introduced to the Pilates Mat work and began incorporating it into her personal training practice. Shortly after finishing up Massage Therapy School she headed to the Rockies and attended Denver’s first Polestar Pilates Studio training program while cheering for the Denver Nuggets coed cheer team. Tammy quickly fell in love with the playful acrobatic nature of the studio equipment. She has seen how life changing the Pilates Method can be for her clients whether it’s improving one’s posture, pre/post-natal, rehabbing back and knees or cross-training for elite athletes. Feeding her enthusiasm and wanting to learn the classics, she trained under Colleen Glenn (Romana Trained) while working side-by-side with some of the most talented and experienced instructors in the industry for 11 years. As a busy mother of 3, Tammy has experienced firsthand the healing nature of Pilates, pre and post natal work, and how efficient, yet effective the work can be. She is excited to share her experience and enthusiasm for the Pilates Method as well as continue to grow her practice and knowledge with the amazingly talented staff at Pilates Bodies. During a session with Tammy, you’ll quickly find her pleasant, fun-loving teaching style and blend of the Classical and Contemporary work will have you walking taller, while feeling stronger, more balanced and ready to tackle whatever your day puts in front of you!

My passion is health and fitness, especially and specifically with Pilates. The reason I chose Pilates was due to a two time back injury. I broke my back during childhood gymnastics and then again my sacrum during child birth.  After trying many physical therapy treatments, I was finally directed towards the reformer.  I found Pilates to be the best for my recovery.

Now I am back doing all the things that I love!  For example…snowboarding, yoga, hiking, biking, traveling and most activities with some running, jumping or jogging involved.  I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do these again and to avoid them.

My daily pain level has dropped from a 9-10 to almost a 0! In return, this has inspired me to become a Pilates instructor. I want to help others get back into what they love, by obtaining body awareness, as well as healthy strong bodies and minds.