Stefny Winter, Pilates Instructor


My passion is health and fitness, especially and specifically with Pilates. The reason I chose Pilates was due to a two time back injury. I broke my back during childhood gymnastics and then again my sacrum during child birth.  After trying many physical therapy treatments, I was finally directed towards the reformer.  I found Pilates to be the best for my recovery.

Now I am back doing all the things that I love!  For example…snowboarding, yoga, hiking, biking, traveling and most activities with some running, jumping or jogging involved.  I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do these again and to avoid them.

My daily pain level has dropped from a 9-10 to almost a 0! In return, this has inspired me to become a Pilates instructor. I want to help others get back into what they love, by obtaining body awareness, as well as healthy strong bodies and minds.