Marie Zolecki, Pilates Instructor


As a native of the South of France, Marie was introduced to Pilates 8 years ago in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean.

Marie fell in love with the method almost instantly. Within a few months of going 2 to 4 times a week, she felt stronger than ever and in a very deep and new way. Her body awareness shifted to another level…muscles she didn’t know existed became alive, back pain from being too flexible disappeared, and she became more balanced and more grounded. Her yoga practice also benefited from her Pilates practice.


With her love of Pilates driving her forward, Marie went to Montreal to take the Ann McMillan Pilates Mat (2010) and Apparatus (Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, 2013) Teacher Trainings. Marie has been teaching Pilates to people of all ages and needs, in studios in Montreal, Paris and recently Denver, her new home. She is curious and passionate about anything related to mind-body movement and holistic health.


In addition to Pilates, Marie is also a certified Gyrokinesis and Yoga teacher and a Thai Massage therapist (Intensive TMC school Training, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2012). Marie thrives to provide a fun and safe environment to help her clients achieve their personal fitness goals and live a happy and healthy life.


Outside of the studio, she enjoys music, singing, poetry, writing, yoga, outdoors activities and spending time with her husband and new friends.