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We at Pilates Bodies are committed to creating an environment that energizes and at the same time relaxes you, strengthens and stretches your body and empowers you to lead a healthy, self-fulfilling life.



Whether you’re new to the Pilates method, or you’re already familiar with its many life‑improving benefits, we invite you to join us at Pilates Bodies.

Our focus is on enhancing the quality of life for every client—through the proven physical and mental conditioning techniques developed by the visionary health and fitness pioneer, Joseph H. Pilates in the early 1900s.

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Pilates Bodies


Pilates Bodies is a contemporary, full-service Pilates studio, located at 6110 E. Colfax Ave. Unit 3. Denver CO 80220.

We offer everything you need to transform your approach to fitness and overall health:

-A staff of caring Certified Pilates Instructors

-Individualized exercise programs designed specifically for your needs

-Ample supply of the highest quality Peak Pilates Equipment; including Total Work-out System Reformers with Wall Units, Classic Cadillac, High Chair, Wunda Chair, Large and Small Barrels, Spine Corrector and Exercise Balls

-Peaceful, soothing, stress-free exercise environment

-Private changing room

-In-studio retail store with exercise apparel, unique casual wear and Pilates accessories.

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Plan your escape to re-energize your body and mind at Pilates Bodies! Call 303.394.6002 or stop by the studio today. Please inquire about our “New Client Introductory Packages” for individual Pilates instruction.

We are members of the Pilates Method Alliance. The PMA is the international, non–profit, professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The PMA’s mission is to protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals.

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